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Links We Like

A weekly posting of links that have us talking. (a la, Cupcakes and Cashmere)


1.) The Independent, a UK news site, details a smartphone app that can alert users when they are at risk of binge eating.We need this on Saturday nights.

2.) Do you want this in your box next week? CNN talks about edible food wrappersfeatured in Wired.

3.) Our very own team member Kenan has an incredible food blog, Kitchen 1204! We’re dying to try her prosciutto-wrapped balsamic figs.

4.) The Huffington Post held the ultimate death match for the best M&M flavor.Who’s your winner? See theirs here.

5.) The newest food craze since the cronut has hit. Ladies & gentlemen, we (and Eater.com) give you the mac & cheese bun. 

6). Healthy cookie dough dip? We couldn’t believe our eyes and can’t wait to fool our tastebuds with Chocolate Covered Katie‘s recipe.

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